What does ontplooiing mean to you?
  • 3D Feedback

    From Customers - Suppliers - Partners

    ..as well as Colleagues

    Feedback from every angle

    and better client focus

    Internal and External Feedback...

    ...3D Feedback in one web-based package

  • Feedback

    Enhance Self Awareness

    Target Personal Development

    Identify Training Needs

    Pinpoint Individual Skills or Talents

    Generate Input into Personal Appraisal

  • The Feedback Engine

    Person to Person Feedback

    Tailored to Your Sector, Organisation and Staff

    Structured competency sets, designed for your business

    Web-based and Scalable..

    ..from small teams to corporations

  • Five Steps To Receiving Feedback

    Log in to your own feedback site

    Select the competencies to include in your feedback request

    Select the people you want feedback from

    Send the email feedback request

    View your feedback in the Feedback Engine dashboard

Why Feedback4professionals video

Why feedback4professionals?

Ontplooiing according to Richard Maddocks

Ontplooiing according to Richard Maddocks


New Features

See The Feedback Engine in Action

The Feedback Engine is really simple to use. Three instruction videos show the main Feedback Engine functions. See for yourself how quick and simple it is! Alternatively you can try using the Feedback Engine itself to Give Us Feedback!

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