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Your own feedback4professionals
If you want to get started with your personal feedback4professionals you can just click the go button below. Within 5 minutes you can ask your contacts for feedback. Just order a license, login, fill in your feedback areas/competencies, upload your contacts, give the message a personal twist and press send. Just continue with your workday and wait for the response.

It’s only € 60,- per year and you can send as many request as you want.

Company Feedback Environment
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Your Feedback Environment

per User

€ 60,- /year

  • Order Feedback4professionals
  • Log in with your details
  • Fill in your feedback areas
  • Choose your contacts
  • Type the personal email message
  • Send out your feedback request

Company Feedback Environment

per User

€ 60,- /year

  • Logo
  • Company name.
  • Competencies
  • Profession
  • Number of users.
  • User information