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March 2013 Release

Standard version

There is one thing in the March 2013 release, which is very handy for the users of the standard version of our product.

  • Emoticons to show the response rate on your feedback loops

The different emoticons


Optional functions

Also in this release are a couple of optional functions. (if you wish to use them, ask us to enable them for you)

  • The option to add user defined competencies
  • The option to include the loopname (title of the feedback request) in the personal email using the variable %LOOPNAME%

User defined competencies

When the user defined competencies option is enabled, you can add competencies in a quickly and easily.

  • In step 1 of requesting feedback click on the + symbool to open the “add competency” screen
  • Enter the competency, including the required translations for all your contacts (required is marked by *)
  • Click “add competency” to add the competency

Once used in a feedback loop, competencies can NOT be deleted or edited. However additional translations can be added when appropiate.

The add competency screen

Add a competency
Enjoy the March 2013 release and contact us if you are interested in using these functions.