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New Features

March 2013 Release

March 2013 Release

In this March 2013 release, we have added the following extra functions:
  • Emoticons to show the response rate on your feedback loops
  • The option to add user defined competencies
  • The option to include the loopname (title of the feedback request) in the personal email using the variable %LOOPNAME%
  • Read more on these additional functions
Release November 2012

Release November 2012

It's now possible to import your contacts using a csv-file.It's very easy:
  • In step 2 of requesting feedback, click on "Import contacts"
  • Select your csv file and press next
  • Map the fields that contain the firstname, lastname and Emailaddress and press next.
  • Then select the contacts you would like to add, and provide them with the appropiate gender, salutation and the right language and press next to upload them.
Release June

Release June

All the new features in one video

  • Improved visibility and clickablity throughout the Engine
  • Add extra and new contacts to existing loops
  • Delete old/test loops from your loop list
  • Login